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Working at the HOTH is more than just a job, come check it out.



What is the HOTH?

When we started the HOTH in 2010, the industry was plagued with sketchy service providers with poor support. We wanted to change all that.

We became the best SEO company so customers would have an amazing experience. We made support a PRIORITY and gave out guarantees. We developed an entire suite of products to fit our customer’s needs.

We made a streamlined production system that allows us to deliver custom projects and campaigns with agility, speed, and scale. All in a nicely wrapped interface that produces results day in and day out.

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What is the HOTH team like?

The HOTH is an equal opportunity employer that has the privilege of having the absolute best team in the world! We’re united by HOTH values, and we pride ourselves on the culture that we have built.

What kind of people work at The HOTH? All kinds!

We get really excited about diversity and inclusivity — we hire talented teammates from a wide range of backgrounds, and we’re committed to a work environment of fun, respect and appreciation.

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  • Our Trophy Room

    From starting out in 2010, we’ve been able to serve and help over 200,000 businesses because of our incredible team members and streamlined production system.

    Over the years, we’ve earned a few big-time awards including The Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Best Places To Work Award, and several others!

    Check out our trophy room to see some our awards from throughout the years:

    The HOTH’s Trophy Room



What’s the office like?

We figured video could do a better job on this one.



Perks and Benefits

We hope you’re excited by the possibility of becoming a HOTH MonSTAR! In addition to our awesome culture, we also offer these fun perks and benefits to our in-office team members:


  • Competitive Salary: Our salary formula adjusts to retain talented individuals and match experience. You won’t have to look anywhere else!

  • 401K Plan: The HOTH is very invested in the future of our team, which is why we offer a 401k plan with company match.

  • Health Care: We take health and peace of mind as a high priority. We offer some of the best healthcare plans available through our provider, United Healthcare. The HOTH covers 75% of the monthly premium, and the remaining 25% gets taken out of your paycheck. We also offer a standalone dental and vision policy which you can enroll in, even if you don’t have a healthcare plan with us.

  • Wellness Plan: We want all of our team members to be healthy, physically and mentally. Full and part-time HOTHers get $50 a month to spend on a catalog of 200+ wellness oriented products and services including gyms, massages, meal services, and more!

  • Free Lunch Fridays: Every Friday we provide lunch for our team members to show our appreciation. Meals vary from Chipotle, to Hawkers, to pizza, and more!

  • Healthy Snacks: Our break room is always stocked with healthy snacks and drinks. We want to keep our team members happy and we understand food is one of the best ways to their hearts.

  • Paid Time Off: Every full-time team member gets 2 weeks of Paid Time Off with tenured PTO bonuses! We also offer 6 paid holidays and a paid Sick Day bank that increases with tenure.

  • Dog Friendly: Dogs can bring joy to everyone’s day, plus they are great for our Instagram. Bring your pup into the office!

  • Company-Wide Bonuses: We believe that every team member deserves to be rewarded for hard work, even if their position is not directly tied to revenue. We incentivize hard work with bonuses for hitting company targets.

  • Public Team Recognition: We have an internal bonus system where every month you earn points from your peers. The points equate to real money which you can redeem at several places like Amazon, Uber, and Starbucks!

  • Awesome Company Culture: We’ve established a culture that we are extremely proud of. People are at the heart of everything we do and we make team members our #1 priority. With a positive, growth-focused culture, The HOTH can be your career vehicle to new heights.

  • Charitable Contributions: At the end of the month, the team member with the most Bonusly points wins our Hitt’em Over The Heart award and we make a donation to a charity of their choice.

  • Flex Hours: We understand that life happens and are happy to offer flexible schedules to team members that need to leave the office during regular work hours. We also have early and late shifts available for early birds or night owls in our client facing roles!

  • Remote Work Opportunities: After 6 months of employment, team members will earn the privilege of being able to work from home 2 days per week on days of their choosing!

  • Parties: Simply put, we like to party at the HOTH because we have a lot to celebrate. Whether it’s our spring break beach party, Grand Prix yacht party, or annual holiday blowout, it’s sure to be a great time.

  • Paid Holidays: How mean would we have to be to make you work on a holiday? Enjoy the time off with family and friends, and get paid to do it.

  • Continuing Education & Development: We believe that education doesn’t stop when you finish school. The HOTH will cover 100% of any book or course you want related to your job here.

  • Free Downtown Parking: We make parking a breeze. Get a parking pass to use throughout the work week and to take advantage of when hanging out downtown on the weekends.

  • Award-Winning Office: Standing desks. Amazing views. Swinging chairs. Our gorgeous 15th floor office was made to inspire great work. We recently made Tampa Bay Business Journal’s list of coolest office spaces.

  • Want More? We’re never done growing and evolving, and one staple of our culture is “Ask for what you want and need.” If you want something not listed here, just ask! Many of our benefits were employee suggestions!



Current Openings @ The HOTH

Here are the current available positions @ The HOTH: